Year 1 2 Animations

Yer 1 2 have been learning about Lighthouse and Grace Darling in their IPC topic. They have built lighthouses using circuits and in ICT they created some lighthouse animations using 2Animate.

This is Lewis’s animation.

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4 Responses to Year 1 2 Animations

  1. Ania and Abbie-3/4 R says:

    Abbie says: cool work guys

    Ania says: HEY!!!! COOL!!!!!!!!

    P.S. not cool as in:
    costopated overweighted ompa-lompa!!!!!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  2. Harry says:

    Lewis, what a fantastic animation you did a sensatinol picture.

  3. Rosie S says:

    WOW year1/2 that sounds like a fun lesson! I could not do stuff that good!

  4. Drew says:

    I liked Lewis’ animation. I liked the way the sun suddenly appeared! I also made an animation to show Year 1/2 what they were aiming for. I bet this lesson was fun!

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