Year 3 4 using Google Sketchup

Year 3 4 had fun today learning how to use Goggle Sketchup. They created 3 D Earthquake proof houses for their IPC topic.

Click here to download and install Google Sketchup for use at home.

Please comment on our work.

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4 Responses to Year 3 4 using Google Sketchup

  1. theresa says:

    Well done year 3/4’s they are brillient

  2. dougpete says:

    Hello, year 3/4. I just enjoyed your Animoto movie showing your earthquake proof houses. There were some great designs and you could tell a lot of thought in the 3D design. Way to go! I just hope that you never have to use one.

  3. Mrs Hogg says:

    Well done on your house designs! There are so many things to consider when making a home earthquake-proof but for many people these are very important issues. There are lots of people living in Christchurch, New Zealand who would find your ideas very important indeed!
    Regards, Mrs Hogg (Sydney, Australia)

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