Year 1 2 using a word bank

Year 1 2 created their own versions of the Three Little Pigs today using a word bank on Purplemash.

Please read our stories and comment on our post.



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8 Responses to Year 1 2 using a word bank

  1. Anthony says:

    i love three little pig sroy

  2. Mrs Travers says:

    Hello Year 1 2, I loved reading your stories about the Three Little Pigs. It was wonderful how you all told the story in your own way. I loved the pictures you chose to go with the stories.

  3. 08brandonm says:

    Very good try 1/2.

  4. Mrs. Penn says:

    Great job retelling this story in a fresh way!

  5. Mrs Lucas says:

    Wow this is fantastic writing I will definitely share this with my class of Year 2 children. I really like your use of adjectives to describe the pigs houses!

  6. Ross Mannell says:

    Hello Year 1 2,

    I think all of your versions of the classic “Three Little Pigs” stories are wonderful. I can see how hard you have worked to create your stories and liked the way you have tried to use interesting words.

    Keep writing. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  7. Mrs Coates says:

    This is brilliant writing girls and boys! Well done! I am going to show this to my Year 1 class as we’ve been reading the story too! I hope my class can write as well as you have!

  8. Mrs Spooner says:

    Oh my goodness 1/2!! What amazing writing. I am very impressed by your sentences and you have used some wonderful description. Fantastic! I will be showing these to my 5/6 class.

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