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Year 1 2 Jubilee Stamps

In ICT Year 1 2 created stamps to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.   They also tried some of the Jubilee activities on Puple Mash, click here to log in.

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Year 3 4 Digital art albums

During this half term Years 3 & 4 have been using the computer to create digital art. They have used cameras to take photographs of themselves, used 2Paint a Picture and Photo Simple to add effects and borders to therir … Continue reading

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Year 5 6 Sharing Scratch games

Year 5 & 6 have been creating games using Scratch. Today they shared and reviewed their games with the children in Reception.   Thank you to Mr S. Haughton for instructions and resources used in creating these games. Here are … Continue reading

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Foundation – Diamond Jubilee

This week Foundation are learning all about the Queen and the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. In ICT they used 2 Painta Picture to create pictures of crowns.

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Data handelling

Reception created graphs from the data on a Simple City picture of a Farm. They used a graphing program to share the information they collected.  

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