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Year 1 2 ICT

Year 1 2 talked about Firework safety and then used their skills to create firework pictures and catherine wheels. We hope you enjoy our work and please comment on our work.  

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Year 1 & 2 ICT

Year 1 & 2 have been learning about how to enter and fomat text. Today they created pictures of nocturnal animals and added labels using 2 Publish.   Thanks to Mr Simon Haughton from Parkfield Primary Middleton for the idea … Continue reading

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Year 5 Internet research

Year 5 used collaborative tools to share theĀ informationĀ that they found on the internet. They used Primary pad to share the information they found, they then used Wallwisher to share the websites they found useful.  

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Year 6 Internet Research & collaborative learning

Year 6 today you are going to explore the internet for information on Healthy eating. You may use the links from the Pupil home page or you may use a search engine. Remember to review the websites for it’s usefulness. … Continue reading

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Foundation ICT

Today in ICT, Reception explored all of the tools in 2 Paint a picture. They then created their own modern art.

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