Years 1 & 2 ICT

In ICT today the children in Years 1 & 2 created animations using 2 Animate.
They used their class topic of the Great Fire of London as the theme for their animations.tyler Taya stephen sophie skye zaynedine Sean Ryan Ruby and Demi robin Owen1 Ollie Nathan2 Nathan michael ELiJHHAH megan maso maja Maizie lilli thomas Liam leah louise kyla kacey - jae JOSH james jack Caitlyn jack isobel Irem imogen hubert Honey Holly harrison george Freya freddie n michella 1 freddie finlay ethan Emily elsie Ellie ELLA N EMILY 2 Ella and Emliy 1 ella elissa Danniella and Herbie corey Carly and Herbie carly caragh n jack 1 Braydon1 braydon n luke Brandon Bethan Ben and Ole 2 Ben and Ole arwen and kieron archie anja amelia amber and robyn Alfie H Alfie 2Zoe

We hope you enjoy our work and would love to read you comments!

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  1. Imogen's Mum says:

    Well done Imogen, Fantastic work!

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