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I spend alot of time on the internet and sometimes come across some great games that you may enjoy playing, if you have ideas for this page please give links to websites to Mrs Lee.

We give books – read books online from a growing library.

Cut the rope Catch the stars but avoid the obstacles and try to feed Om Nom.

Draw a stickman  A new episode available.





From Pet GamesFrog Games





Hammy the Hamster by popular demand

Bob the dog

94 Responses to Fun & games

  1. Ilana says:

    Can we have a dolphin wich is blue please PLEASE:)

  2. Zuzia :) says:

    i love the bob the dog and Hammy the Hamster they are so cute.

  3. 08anniao says:

    Me and my sister think that the fun page is excellent!!!!!!
    Thank you mrs Lee

  4. abbie b says:

    hi miss lee my favourate game site is seesaw caterpult and jet ski addition. Thank you for putting games on there i really appricate it. It helps us a lot with our work and vocabulary!

  5. rosie :) says:

    miss lee, can i have a purple fox called foxy and a wolf called fluff???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. rosie says:

    we can choose them. just go on bunnyhero labs,adoption centre,choose an animal,choose a name, choose a colour, click finish, decide where it is gonna go, but… they do not have a choice ov galley hill. i made a new folder. i named it pet folder coz my pets go in there.

  7. Colie says:

    All of them are adorable

  8. shani says:

    Mrs Lee I relly would like to adopt one of those pets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Emily says:

    they are very nice 🙂

  10. Ellie says:

    please can i adopt flopsie, PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. lucy says:

    who ever named these animals are some wacky people

  12. 06jadeo says:

    Mrs lee could we have a baby pink guinea pig please.

  13. abbie says:

    i really like th fun page Miss Lee
    Thank you

  14. Abbie Ruby says:

    How do I adopt a pet?

  15. ania says:

    Mrs Lee can we have a dolphin called Splash!?!?!?!?!?
    Please! Please! PLEASE!

  16. Amy Ward says:

    Can we have a german shepard called Layla please

  17. libby says:

    COOL!I love all the fun stuth mrs Lee, the games are all fun but thev dogs the best.

  18. Nathan says:

    please can i adopt incy

  19. CHLOE says:

    Please may i adopt Tiger

  20. chloe says:

    I love Lenny

  21. abbie says:

    maby a hampster called natalie please thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Natalia says:

    Could we get a monkey called cheeky please? Thanks.

  23. Daniel.S says:

    Can I adopt a pet

  24. kamille says:

    can we have a pet dog called Ronald.

  25. Natalia says:

    Could we have a hedge hog called spike please?

  26. maja nursary says:

    I think the animals are funny! I like to play with them! I also like to play one my sisters….

    ……………. 2Paint A Picture!!!!!!!!!!!!! fun
    Mrs Lee I love ICT time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The computers are great!!!!

    • Mrs Lee says:

      I am really glad you love ICT so do I, I am so glad all of you in Nursery come to the suite and use the computers.
      Have fun with the animals!

  27. 06jadeo says:

    Can we get a coulor chooser please

  28. 06jadeo says:

    Can we have a hedgehog please.

  29. chloe says:

    please may i adopt a White Lion

  30. Rebekah says:

    can we have a horse called crumble please mrs lee

  31. Nathan says:

    the kerwarla is very strange the way it moves it’s head

  32. Nathan says:

    can we have a tree frog

  33. Nathan says:

    these animals are amazing!!! :p

  34. Natalia says:

    Can we have a cat called ‘Princess’ please?

  35. Emma says:

    All of these animals are really cute Mrs Lee.

  36. Abby says:

    cool i like the hamster

  37. Daniel.K says:

    Can we have a Turtle please!:)

  38. Nathan says:

    Can we have a spider it will be so cool 🙂

  39. Emma says:

    Arrrrrrr!! I like the new bunny rabbit can we call it fluffy!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)-b

  40. chloe says:

    can we have a pet kitten called daisy

  41. Abby says:

    Mrs Lee how to you get the cool Games

  42. Natalia says:

    Mrs Lee, please could you tell me my user name & log in for purple mash at school?

  43. kamille says:

    these are really really cool games but i do wish that there were more games.

  44. Kamille says:

    I thhink hammy the hampster and bob the dog are really exquisite and cute!

  45. lukec says:

    only if you can make some more

  46. Zoe says:

    Cool games!

  47. Kamille says:

    Hammy the hamster and Bob the dog are really fun to play with when I’m not doing anything at home!

  48. Llewnel says:

    Bob the dog and Hammy the hamster are really fun to play with.

  49. lucy says:

    i love the fun page miss lee

  50. Ellie says:

    I want that pet dog in real life!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like that pet DOG.

  51. Sophie - Opal says:

    I really like the new pet dog!! I also love the name Bob too. Every time I go the school blog, i always go on the fun page!! Thank you for putting it on Mrs Lee

  52. Harry :) says:

    I really like the fun page because you can have your own visual pet. It will be good if we had another pet.

  53. Olivia says:

    I love the games. Thank you Mrs Lee!

  54. vikki says:

    I love that dog!He is sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. chloe says:

    can we call it poppy and the hampter mumble

  56. Natalia says:

    I think that this is a good thing to do when your’re bored at home. If possible, please could you make more games and fun for us when you get some time? Also you could let us have a chance to make games ourself and put them on the blog.

  57. Daniel.S says:

    This great fun I hope you put another animal on!

  58. Abby says:

    Call the dog Poppy and call the hamster Mumble.

  59. Daniel.K says:

    Please can we call the dog Robbie!:);)

  60. Theresa says:

    Please can we call the dog Daisy!

  61. Daniel.K:) says:

    Can we call it Bob;) please!:)

  62. jade says:

    Awsome game the hamsters so cute.

  63. Jessica says:

    Call it Harry

  64. Alicia says:

    Call it HAM

  65. Hope says:

    Can we call him tiddles

  66. Mrs Duxbury says:

    aaaah, I love this- it is just so cute. I must find out where to get it from. I cannot wait to show all the children inn my classroom. I think we will have a vopte and try and decide a name too. Keep being so amazing everyone!

  67. Nathan says:

    call it hammy the hamster

  68. chloe says:

    CAN IT be called Daisy

  69. chloe says:


  70. Rebekah says:

    can we name him ginger

  71. chloe says:

    it is fun

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