ICT Club

Our ICT club use a variety of programs and websites during their sessions.

Here are some of the links we use:-

Parkfield ICT Club Links by Mr Haughton, Parkfield School, Middleton

4 Responses to ICT Club

  1. Sophie says:

    I recommend a good website called: TUTPUP it will boost your learning and help you learn more things! So go on try and comment!!!

    • ellie says:

      I think TUT PUP is an extraordinary program ! I have been on it before ,you don’t only do maths on it you do any type of lesson you can do any type of lesson I only done it with maths because I was doing the lesson maths.

  2. William says:

    thease websites are all veary intresting I have teyed them myslef

  3. Sophie says:

    I love using all of these websites! They are brill and have loads of games to choose from!

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